• Important Information:


    Birthdays are special occasions for young children. If your child wishes he/she may bring treats from the approved snack list to share with the class. Please send the treats with your child in the morning and we’ll celebrate when time permits during the day. If your child has a summer birthday we can celebrate on their ½ birthday. Please contact me if you want to send treats for the class. You can find a list of approved snacks below.



    If your child will be leaving school early, please send an email or note to the teacher. Students leaving prior to the 3:40 dismissal will need to be signed out in the office. The office will notify the classroom and we will send your child to the office.

    If your child will be going home a different way please inform me of any changes. Also, please send an email to Jane and Chris in the office. This will ensure that your message will be received by someone in the office, just in case I am absent.

     jbarboza@bluevalleyk12.org    cdrummond@bluevalleyk12org

    If your child is going home with a friend I will need a note. Students who take the bus home with a friend will need a note for the teacher AND bus driver. The bus driver will not allow guests on the bus without a note.

    This is done to keep our students safe!


    Our lunch time is 11:30-12:00. You are welcome to join your child for lunch. Please check in at the office and wait for your child in the cafeteria.

    For specific information regarding our cafeteria please visit the food and nutrition website.



    We go outside for recess unless extreme weather conditions prevent it. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather. All children will go outside unless a health condition prevents it, in which a note from home must be sent on each day the child needs to miss recess. We will have a 10 minute walk with our lunch and a 20 minute recess later in the afternoon.



    Our scheduled day is from 8:35-3:40. Students may begin coming to the classroom at 8:25, which will allow them time to put away coats/backpacks and be ready to begin class on time. The school day begins in a more positive manner when children are on time and ready to learn!  Please notify the office if your child will not be at school. The Harmony Attendance line is 239.6205. If you have a planned vacation, please inform Dr. Austin in writing prior to your vacation.