Please check the weekly newsletters for updates on homework.

    Please read with your child every school night. It can be a mix of you reading with them, reading to them, or having them read to you (by the middle of the school year it should be mostly them reading to you). Please be sure to add some non-fiction books to your reading each week! A reading log will start to come home in September where you can record your reading with your child. Students will recieve a short 10 minute reading party at the end of each month if they meet their monthly reading goal.

    Reading, writing, and math challenges are posted each week on the newsletter. Students must complete ONE of these challenges (either have your child pick or you can pick) and write about it or complete it in their homework notebooks. Every Friday students will turn in their homework notebooks for me to check. If you have some extra time some weeks, feel free to do more than one challenge with them! They go RIGHT along with what we are learning in class and will help your child grow academically so much!

    Each week I will provide a website and app of the week to help you learn some academic technology ideas to use at home with your child. ALL of these ideas are optional and will never be required. I have had many parents take advantage of these ideas. I realize there are a LOT of things going on at home so that is why this is optional! Please note that these websites and apps are recommendations from me and not the school district. Some of the free apps may have questionable ads so please be sure to talk to your child about not clicking on the ads and making sure they only play these apps when a parent is in the room.

    Here is an example of a weekly homework chart you can follow with your child to help you organize their time better:



     Monday  Read 20 minutes
    Website of the Week 
     Tuesday Read 20 minutes
    Practice Phonics Spelling Pattern
     Wednesday Read 20 minutes 
    Challenge of the Week 
     Thursday Read 20 minutes
    App of the Week / Practice Phonics Pattern
     Friday - Sunday Read 20 minutes