• Our projects are ongoing since we are such talented artists and 21st century thinkers , 
    please be patient as we update our current works of art.  

    We also often intermingle smaller, one class projects that are not listed.


  • Self Portraits
    Kindergarten- Mixed Media Drawings
    1st- Self Portrait Puppets
    2nd- Paper Doll Self Portraits
    3rd- "Me and My Shadow" Self Portraits
    4th- Self Portrait Drawing from Observation/colored pencil
           Silhouette Profile Portraits
    5th- Self Portrait Pencil Drawing from Observation

  • Pinwheels for Peace
    In observation of the International Day of Peace, Friday, September 21,
    all K-5 Heartland Art students created pinwheels to contribute to
    an art installation in front of the school.
    I hope you drove by to see how
    Heartland students displayed a desire to create peace in their own small way.

    For more information see: www.pinwheelsforpeace.com

  • Fall 
    • Rugs using Line, Color and Texture
    • Texture Hunt with Leaf Print Paintings
    • Gourd Paintings

    • Cities using line, shape and color

    • Torn Paper Tree
    • Gourd Drawings
    • Playground Paper Sculptures using Lines and Shapes
    • Scarecrows in a Gourd Field Watercolor Resist Paintings using Real Gourds
    Haunted House Sculptures using Shape, Form and Color
    • Gourd Drawings using Value and Line
    • Jazz Oil Pastels using Line, Texture, Pattern, Unity and Variety
    • Awesome Fall Cut-Outs
    • Marco Maggi like Aluminum Art using Line, Texture, Pattern, Unity and Variety

  • Weaving 
    Kindergarten- 2" Woven Paper Placemats, using Line, Shape, Texture, and Pattern
    1st- 1" Woven Paper Placemats, using Line, Shape, Texture, and Pattern
    2nd- 1" plus 1/2" Double Woven Paper Placemats, using Line, Shape, Texture
          and Pattern
    3rd- Woven Yarn Belts, Headbands, or Scarves using Line, Texture and Pattern
    4th- Woven Yarn Bags, using Line, Texture and Pattern with Measurement 
    5th- Woven Reed Baskets, using Line, Form, Texture and Pattern with Measurement 

  • Winter 
    • Cut Paper Geometric Snowman inspired by Lisa and the Snowmen
    by Coby Hol, using line, shape, color
    • Paper Snow Globes using Anartica research for inspiration
    • Caterpillar Sculptures using The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle,
    exploring color through several other literature sources also
    • Ir-
    resist Snowpeople using Torn Tissue Paper, Masking Tape and Tempera Paint to Illustrate Line, Shape, and Texture
    • Bird Mixed Media Paintings using Spectral color
    • Spectral Color Tempera Paintings using Line, Shape, and Color Study to Mix Paint

    • Birds using Line, Texture, Pattern, Unity and Variety
    • Pastel Drawings using Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehler, using Value and Color • 
    • Mixed Media Paintings using Robert Frost's Birches and
    Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening for Inspiration
    5th- Pastel Food Drawings with Wayne Thiebaud's work for Inspiration,
    using Value and Color