• Welcome to the "VISTY VOICE"

     Week of: January 11-15

    ****Please be sure your child is wearing a coat/jacket to school.  As the days become colder, hats, gloves, and scarves would also be welcomed!!  IF your child is not wearing a coat/jacket, they will not be permitted to go outdoors for recess.  Thank you for your help in keeping our LES students healthy and ready for the colder weather!

    ****Chores for Charity.....students will do chores to earn $....LES will be collecting $ now through Friday, January 29th!

    8:25-8:35  Arrival/Unpack/Announcements

    8:35- 8:45:  Morning Work

    8:45-9:15: Reading/ELA Whole Group

    Theme 4: Seasons and Weather

    Theme Question:  How does weather and seasons affect our lives?

    Week 1 Focus Question:  What patterns do we see in seasons and weather?

    Comrehension strategy:  Compare/Contrast using venn diagrams....identifying text structure

    Comprehension skill:  Making connections with our reading...visualizing from descriptions the author uses in reading selections

    Phonics: schwa sound

    Word Study: multiple meaning words, compound words, analogies, multi-syllable words...vc/cv, c + le

    Grammar:  helping verbs:  am, is, are, was, and were contractions:  am, is, are

    Fluency:  "Pecos Bill"

    9:15-10:15: Reading Rotations/Reading Intervention (10:00-10:30)

    10:15-10:30: Restroom/Drink Break

    10:30-11:00:  Writer's Workshop/Spelling

     spelling:  /oo/ spelled with oo

    Look for your childs spelling list on Monday...study throughout the week at home for Friday's spelling test.  We will also have spelling practice throughout the week at school. The spelling list that is circled is the list your child should study for the week.

    Writer's Workshop:  

    11:00-11:25:  Math Whole Group

    Topic 9: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

    Lesson 9-4: Subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers with base 10 models

    Lesson 9-5:  Using paper/pencil to record regrouping/borrowing to subtract 2 digit #'s

                       from 2 digit #'s

    Lesson 9-6:  using a number line to subtract 2 digit #'s

    Lesson 9-7:  Using addition to check subtraction

    Lesson 9-8:  Students will use different methods to solve 2 digit subtraction problems.

    Kim Sutton: Math Fact Fluency...Doubles, Doubles plus one...Please have your child practice for mastery of math facts 0-20 both addition and subtraction.  students should be able to complete 70-100 facts in 6 minutes.

    11:30-12:00:  Lunch

    12:00-12:15:  Recess

    12:20-12:25:  Restroom/Drink Break

    12:30-1:30:  Specials

    Monday:  P.E./Music  (wear tennis shoes) 

    Tuesday:  Art

    Wednesday:  P.E./Spanish  (wear tennis shoes)

    Thursday:  Music/Spanish

    Friday:  Computer/REAL

    1:30-2:30:  Math Rotations/Intervention (1:30-2:00) 

    2:30-2:45:  Snack/Recess

    2:50-3:20:  Science/Social Studies

     Social Studies:   

    Science:  How does Earth's surface change?  Students will learn how weather affects our Earths surface.  How does water and wind change land surfaces?

     3:20-3:30:  Pack/Stack/Read aloud

    3:40:  Dismissal