• At-Home Activities

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    Here is information about third grade homework and at-home activities that will occur throughout the school year.

  • Homework: Homework is given as practice of the skills that we are learning in the classroom. It will always consist of a page to document at-home reading as well as a few math and reading pages that focus on our learning targets. This weekly "blue" homework goes home on Monday and should be returned on Friday.

    Unfinished Work: We try very hard to NOT send home anything extra than blue homework in third grade. We provide a study hall at noon everyday to help students finish school work.

    Monthly Reading Goals: Each month, the students will have reading goal sheets to fill out as well. This sheet is used for author studies, genre studies, and theme studies. It is not meant to be extra work but as a focus for the students' 20 minutes of nightly reading. Please record the same books on the blue homework page and the reading goal sheet. If students return their monthly reading goal sheet on time, they may participate in our monthly reading goal parties!

    At-Home Projects: We have two big at-home projects throughout the school year. More information about these projects will be given at Meet the Teacher Night and right before the projects go home. The projects are:

    • September: Zooland Habitat
    • April: Peanutville Building 

    Other ways to help at home: We have many awesome parents who are always asking about other ways to help their children at home. Since time is so limited at school, here are the most beneficial ways to help:

    • Practice spelling words weekly
    • Practice subtraction facts in the first quarter
    • Practice mulitplication and division facts in quarters 2-4
    • Practice skills pertaining to our Math and Reading Club Learning Targets. The teachers will let you know what those are through email and papers sent home.