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    What We're Learning This Week!

    • Monday 3/25 - Day 1 - Music/PE
    • Tuesday 3/26 - Day 2 - Art
    • Wednesday 3/27 - Day 3 - PE/Spanish
    • Thursday 3/28 - Day 4 - Computer
    • Friday 3/29 - Day 5 - Spanish/Music
    • Monday 4/1 - Day 1 - Music/PE
    • Tuesday 4/2 - Day 2 - FIELD TRIP
    • Wednesday 4/3 - Day 3 - PE/Spanish
    • Thursday 4/4 - Day 4 - Computer
    • Friday 4/5 - Day 5 - Spanish/Music
  • Math: We are in the middle of Topic 13: Extending Fraction Concepts. This is a longer unit that covers many topics related to fractions like: multiplying a whole number by a fraction, fractions & decimals, using a number line with fractions, decimal place value, comparing & ordering decimals and using money to understand decimals. We are scheduled to review this topic on Thursday, 4/4 and we will test on Friday, 4/5. I'll let you know via the assignment notebooks if that changes.

    Reading:  We just started Unit 10 in our Benchmark series. The theme is The Power of Electricity. The essential question is: Where do scientific discoveries lead us? Our focus skills for this week are explaining key events and summarizing, author's purpose and evidence to support points, author's word choice and our spelling skill relates to the words that have a spelling change when you add an ending. 

    Spelling: This new series does not have typical spelling lists and spelling tests. We will practice spelling rules and patterns with words throughout the year. We will also find words that follow these patterns in the reading materials provided to us. In my class we have spelling dictionaries and I will encourage students to get them out during class work and writing. You can do the same!

    Writing: We are working on collaborating in groups to write our own Reader's Theater plays. We looked at various reader's theater plays this month and now the kids will use that background knowledge to write their owns scripts in a group Google Doc.

    Science:  We are taking a break from Science right now to do Social Studies. Our next unit will be over Earth's Changes: erosion, earthquakes & volcanoes, fossils, layers of the earth, etc.

    Social Studies:  This year we will use a variety of sources to cover our Social Studies content this year. More to come!