• Homework Responsibilities:  Please guide your child to return homework the next day, but I also understand and honor that weeknights are busy with valuable extracurricular activities. 

    Math: A short worksheet from our curriculum will come home a few days a week. Students are graded by completion. The "practice side" is required. The "enrichment" side is optional. This is a great way for you to see the skills we are learning each week. 

    Reading: Read at least 20 minutes daily. A reading calendar will be sent home beginning in September and should be returned by the 1st day of the next month. *See "Why I Can't Skip Reading" below. 

    Spelling: A spelling list from our reading curriculum will come home a few times a month with the test date on it. There are required words and optional bonus/challenge words. Help your child choose what fits their level. Spelling list is attached below. 

    MAP Practice: Visit the "MAP Test Practice" Tab on the left to practice skills covered on the MAP test. 

    Other ideas: Visit our Edmodo page (see useful links) folders for educational websites. Sumdog.com is an engaging way to practice math fluency. Send in any special "projects" kids do at home to share with the class. We love to celebrate learning!