Tuesday, April 25 - Day 3 ART

    Wednesday, April 26 - Day 4 COMPUTER

    Thursday, April 27 - Day 5 MUSIC/SPANISH

    Friday, April 28 - Day 1 SPANISH/PE

    Monday, May 1 - Day 2 MUSIC/PE

    Tuesday, May 2 - Day 3 ART

    Wednesday, May 3 - Day 4 COMPUTER

    Thursday, May 4 - Day 5 MUSIC/SPANISH

    Friday, May 5 - Day 1 SPANISH/PE


    Looking Ahead - Important Upcoming Events.....


    April 21: PTO Healthy Hawks Breakfast in the Cafe at 8:00am for families & students.

    April 24: NO SCHOOL for students today. Staff will participate in Professional Learning meetings.

    April 25: Mother/Son Bowling Event. Details in Dr. Anderson's newsletter.

    April 27: Reading MAP test in the afternoon for our class. Make sure kids get plenty of sleep & a good breakfast that day!

    April 27: Art Show from 6:00-8:00pm. More details came from Mrs. Howe. The kids can't wait to show off all their artwork!

    April 28: Field trip to see the DisneyNature Born in China movie at Town Center AMC Theater. We will eat lunch at 11:05 this day so we can get to the field trip on time.

    May 2: Strings Concert for 4th graders at 7:00pm at Oxford Middle School.

    May 5: Math MAP test in the afternoon for our class. Make sure the kids get plenty of sleep & a good breakfast that day!

    May 12: Field Day! Rain or shine ... please contact Ms. Andrews if you are willing to volunteer with one of the stations this day. Our fourth graders will wear blue today.

    May 17: 4th Grade Market Day! We will sell and purchase goods made by the students this afternoon. All the details came home in a letter on 4/14. Please contact me with any questions.

    May 18: 5th grade Variety Show in the afternoon.

    May 19: Last day of school. End of the year assembly at 9:00am. Dismissal for all students at 11:45am.

    May 20 - August 15: SUMMER BREAK!

    August 14: Popsicle Pop In! Come see your new classroom and meet your new teacher from 5:30-6:30pm.

    August 16: First day of school for the 2017-2018 year.

    August 29: Back to School Night. Join your child's new teacher for one session. Either 6:15-6:45pm or 7:00-7:30pm.




    Math: We're starting Topic 14: Measurement Units and Conversions. We will learn about both the Customary and Metric units of measurement for length, capacity, weight, time and temperature. A GREAT way to practice these skills at home is to have help cooking in the kitchen, talk about weights of objects (pets, food at the store, people, etc.), practice measuring items around your home and discuss temperatures during seasons and temperatures of items (boiling water, food in the freezer, etc.)  Keep practicing multiplication & division to keep those skills fresh!

    Reading: We are now in Theme 6: 

    Spelling: New spelling words have been assigned. Students should study a little bit each night so they are ready for the test at the end of the "week" rotation. The test will be on: Friday, April 21.

    Regular Spelling list:  *lumber, plastic, support, attend, traffic, survive, canyon, fortune, effort, perfect, danger, soccer, engine, collect, seldom, picture, colorful, weakness, anyway, coming. These words follow the skill for the week. The last 4 words are review or high-frequency words.

    Challenge Spelling list: **hollow, compose, injure, stubborn, expert, discuss, journey, vessel, clumsy, suggest, candid, disturb, object, arrive, convince, reflect, nephew, frontier, stampede, standard.  These words follow the same skill as the regular list for the week.

    Writing: We are have practiced writing on a variety of prompts over the last few weeks. The goal is to have students use the writing skills they've learned this week when writing on a variety of topics. We've responded to "Sticky Situations", QR code prompts, World Record Award winners and more!

    Science:  We are starting a unit in Science called Plant & Animal Structures. We will learn about plant and animal structures that are used for support, growth, protection, digestion, and movement. This unit will last quite a while.

    Social Studies:  This year we will use a variety of sources to each geography, map skills, and regions of the United States. We alternate teaching Science & Social Studies throughout the year.