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    Mrs. Mary Kay Foree

    Art Teacher

    Office hours: 8:15-4:00 daily

    Plan times vary each day. 


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    New Art News

    Please see the Back-To-School Attachment below for general information about the art program at SRE.


    Our artist of the year for the 2016-2017 school year is Claude Monet! 


     After our first class of reviewing procedures, we will begin our study of Monet. Claude Monet was an Impressionist. Impressionism featured a new way to paint and express feelings. Monet's colorful paintings show movement in his beautiful "patches" brush strokes. Each class will create a different art project in honor of this famous artist. I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful Monet inspired projects that are coming home AND the art in the halls of SRE! 


     Check under "Assignments and Handouts" for everything you need to know about our important Nelson-Atkins Museum Unit. We will begin this extensive unit of study in April, but it is never to early to tour the museum and find the work of art that your student will study during this unit. 

    FYI, the Nelson-Atkins is closed Mondays AND Tuesdays.


    DID YOU KNOW!!!!

    ....that the Overland Park Arboretum on 179th and HW69 has a Monet Garden?  Monet is our artist of the year for the 2016-2017 school year. The Monet Garden attempts to capture the subtle blending of soft colors and shapes typical in the original Monet garden in France.  Weeping willow trees, perennials, and annuals surround ponds, creating a colorful palate that will make you feel as though you are in one of Monet's paintings.  Please share this garden with your young art student and make sure to stand on the beautiful Japanese bridge! 



    See the attachment below to learn more about Mrs. Foree and art class at SRE.


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    Why is Art Important?

    ART builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    ART connects us with our past and present.

    ART helps build eye-hand coordination.

    ART reinforces other disciplines of education.

    ART teaches observation, interpretation and evaluation.

    ART engages all student in education.

    ART teaches students to be life-long learners.


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                 Check out the art room at SRE!

  • Do you need more information on our famous Nelson-Atkins Museum Unit at the end of the school year?  Check under "Assignments and Handouts".