Tamara Newman - Gifted Education Teacher

Gifted Education Overview

  • The Gifted Education course is available to those students who have been identified as gifted according to criteria prescribed by the state of Kansas and the Blue Valley School District's Department of Student Services. The purpose of the course is to provide these students the opportunity to identify, develop, and expand their interests and strengths. The Gifted Education course is designed to address the intellectual, academic, social, and emotional needs of each student. Course assignments are developed for each student based on the required Individualized Education Program (IEP). Specific curriculum skills include creative and critical thinking, problem solving technology and research.

Learning Targets

  • Problem Solving

    Students will develop and hone their problem solving skills by participating in activities that encourage them to…

    ·recognize and understand the problem

    ·apply a variety of problem solving strategies

    ·extract relevant information and examine it from multiple perspectives

    ·see multiple solutions and evaluate their effectiveness


    Research, Exploration and Extension

    Students will increase their ability to locate accurate, relevant information from a variety of reliable sources.  They will manipulate information to create products that enhance and demonstrate their learning, and will share their learning with an audience of their intellectual peers.



    Students will use technology extensively to explore online resources available through BVLMC and the Internet, and to develop authentic products and presentations using a variety of digital tools.


    Critical Thinking

    Students will learn, recognize and apply the traits of a good critical thinker and the standards by which those traits are built and measured.  They will improve their critical thinking skills through a variety of exercises that require deductive, inductive and evaluative thinking skills.


    Creative Thinking

    Students will strengthen their creative thinking by participating in activities that encourage fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.


    Social and Emotional Learning

    Students will grow in their understanding of both interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics, especially as they relate to giftedness, and will engage in discussions and activities that promote mental health, positive self-image, and healthy relationships.