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  • PSMS BAND UPDATE:  Week of February 13

    Band Families,

    This week will be a short week, along with a long weekend.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be at school on Tues 2/14 or Wed2/15.  I will also not be able to attend conferences on Wed 2/15 or Thurs 2/16.  If you would like an update on your student, or have specific issues or concerns you would like to speak with me about, I would be happy to make myself available during my plan/lunch/PLC time (typically 11am - 1pm) or email / phone call.  While I am gone, I will have limited email access.  I plan to be back to school on 2/21.  Thank You! - Mr. Aubrey

    MONDAY 2/13
    - A Day

    TUESDAY 2/14 - B Day
    NO Jazz Band Rehearsal

    WEDNESDAY 2/15 - A Day / Conferences

    THURSDAY 2/16
    - NO SCHOOL - Conferences


    March 2 - BV Middle Level Band Solo / Ensemble Festival @ABMS (optional)

    March 7 - South Area Band Festival (6th and 7th Grades ONLY)
    April 4 - Pre-festival Clinic Concert @ BVHS (8th Grade Band) 7pm
    April 13 - BV 7th Grade Band Festival @ BVSWHS (7th Grade Band) 9am
    April 19 - BV 8th Grade Band Festival @ BVWHS (8th Grade Band) 9am
    April 25 - BV Jazz Night @ BVHS (Jazz Band) 7pm
    May 6 - Spring Music Dept. Trip to Branson, MO (7th & 8th Grade Band) all day
    May 11 - Spring Band Concert @ PSMS (6, 7, 8 Bands) 7pm

    6th Grade INTERMEDIATE Band
    Practice Log #12 is due next week!

    Brass & Woodwinds - Continue learning "Eat Sheet #2". 
    Band Ninja - work at your own pace, but work to complete belts!
    p. 23 #83 - Concert B-flat Major Scale
    p. 24 #89 - Concert F Major Scale
    p. 24 #91, 92, 93
    Sheet Music - "Dancing the Skies", "Spirit of the Stallion" & "America"
    *a field trip form will be coming home next week - we will be going to perform at PSE and SPE on Monday 2/27 during the morning!

    6th Grade Intermediate PERCUSSION
    Practice Log #12 is due next week!

    Snare Drum:   work on technique exercises - 8 on a hand, single stroke roll, double stroke roll, multiple bounce roll, 5 Stroke Roll (buzz and double stroke), paradiddle 
    FOCUS on the 8 Foundations to make sure technique is in place and perfect.

    Lesson 4 - work on paradiddle, and Rudimental Etude #1

    Sheet Music - work on your part for "Dancing the Skies", "Spirit of the Stallion" & "America" (everyone on keyboards)

    *a field trip form will be coming home next week - we will be going to perform at PSE and SPE on Monday 2/27 during the morning!

    6th Grade BEGINNING Band

    Practice Log #12 is due next week!

    We will continue work on Band Ninja in class and at your own pace to complete belts.
    p. 14 # 42, 46, 47, 48
    p. 15 #49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54
    Sheet Music - "Attack of the Slide Trombones", "Walking the Planks", "America"

    Warm Up -Begin your playing session with a warm up.  Use the new warmup packet that was handed out Friday.  Long tones & Warm up Sets are AWESOME!

    ToE Book 2 -
    p. 18 #91, 92
    p. 19 #93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98
    p. 43 Concert A-Flat Scale, Arpeggio, and 3rds (both octaves where applicable)

    Sheet Music - "
    Celtic Air and Dance", "Darklands March", "America"

    SmartMusic - "Guided Practice" assignments are AFL's that will help you in your development of rhythmic proficiency, technique development, and intonation (playing in-tune).  Helpful!

    Warm Up -Begin your playing session with a warm up.  This is important to warm up your body, instrument, and focus your mind.  Long tones out of our Blue book is a great way to start your practice session.

    Blue Book
    p. 43 - Concert F Chromatic Scale (F horns - Concert B-flat chromatic)

    Sheet Music
    Small ensemble music selections.  Our class presentations will finish on Monday 2/13.  Are you doing your part?  Do you know your part?

    SmartMusic - Have you done your 'guided practice' assignment - Long Tone 1A.  This is an expectation.  You need to know how SmartMusic works.

    Sign-ups are now closed!

    If your student is doing a solo and they play woodwind / brass; the chances are that they will need a piano accompanist to play with them.  Most ww/br solos have a piano part that goes with the solo to make it sound more complete and how the composer intended.  If you need to secure an accompanist, there is a piano accompanist list on the band website www.psmsband.org .  Look for the link on the sidebar of the main page.
    Here are the details:
    Thursday, March 2nd
    3:30pm - 7:oopm (specific performance time TBA)
    $8 per solo $5 per ensemble member (payable to PSMS)
    Aubry Bend Middle School 12501 W. 175th St

    As we all know, there is a lot of sickness going around.  A good way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands.  All the time.  Also, keep your instrument clean.  Information has been handed out in class on how to properly clean woodwind and brass wind instruments.  There are great YouTube resources for this, too!


    If you are getting BRACES put on, taken off or adjusted, or ANY major dental work - be sure to plan around the dates of performances. Your student will be able to play very little, if at all, immediately after major dental/ortho work is done. Students probably need at least 2 - 4 weeks to adjust from the trauma to the mouth and embouchure. Embouchure (facial / mouth muscles) 'muscle memory' changes when braces are applied, taken off, or even adjusted; and it is going to take some time for your student to physically adjust to the changes. We want your student (and our bands) to have every opportunity for success!!

    Some GREAT solutions to help out students with braces (especially brass): www.morganbumper.com     
    www.invisalign.com (not all patients are candidates - ask your orthodontist for details)

    One of the best ways to improve quickly and efficiently on your instrument is with the one-on-one instruction afforded through private lessons.  Having this instruction can make a huge impact on your skill development musically, cognitively, as well as help your student gain confidence in their playing abilities and keep them motivated. 

    Sometimes people feel private lessons are for those that "need help" (kind of like a math tutor).  Actually, many of our most advanced students in the band program are individuals who are taking private lessons.  Yes, a private instructor would definitely help those who need extra help as well!  If you are interested in learning more or would like a recommendation for an instructor, please let me know.  We are fortunate to have some fantastic private teachers in the area, and I would be happy to get you in contact with one of them.


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