• Welcome to the BVHS Community Service Organization!


    The Blue Valley High School Community promotes community service among all students, parents, faculty members, administrators, and staff; we attempt to foster compassion for those less fortunate and encourage consistent, dedicated hard work toward meaningful volunteerism.


    The Community Service Office will facilitate the school community's engagement in community service individually and collectively on a regular basis.

    The Community Service Office will support the school's ability to define what it means to be a "School of Service" by the daily activities of all members of the school community.


    At least 75% of each graduating class will complete 40 or more hours of community service during their years at BVHS.

    At least 10% of the student body will achieve the Presidential Community Service Award each year.

  • Community Service Coordinator

    Kristoffer Barikmo, Social Studies Faculty

    Room 610