• REbeL:  What do you REbeL against?  We REbeL against the unrealistic standards of beauty set forth by our culture.


    REbeL is a student-driven peer education program.  Students apply to the program and if selected, are trained as peer educators.  The students are educated on such topics as the prevalence of eating and body image issues, the inefficacy of diets, the Health at Every Size philosophy, the impact of negative self-talk, and media literacy.  The REbeL members dialogue about these issues, strive to improve their own self-esteem and confidence, and eventually become leaders in encouraging their peers to move toward healthier relationships with food and their bodies. 


    REbeL members will be involved in activities through-out the year (both in and out of school) to spread positive messages, such as Be Grateful Week, No Fat-Talk Week, compliment cookies, chalking positive messages on the sidewalk, post-it notes on lockers, just to name a few.


    REbeL’s goal is to change what the BVH school culture considers truly beautiful and healthy!


    Want to learn more?  Contact our sponsor:  Jessica Edwards.