•   BVHS Enrollment for 2016-2017 - Let's Get Started! 

  • Each student graduating from Blue Valley High School needs to be ready for the college, career, and life-long learning that lies ahead. About 95% of BVHS graduates choose college and many others pursue a variety of other extremely challenging post-secondary education options. Choices made now are crucial. Research shows that the most important factor in college success is the academic challenge of the courses students take in high school.

    With this background in mind, we encourage every student to pursue a rigorous and rewarding academic plan from freshman year through graduation. Opportunities abound with Honors and Advanced Placement choices, JCCC College Now programs, outstanding core courses and a rich array of electives. Please use this site to explore the tremendous options and offerings available. Use the links on this site to obtain additional information and to contact our staff - counselors, teachers, administrators... a great group making BVHS a great place to be a Tiger!

    Enrollment Activities for Current 9th-11th Graders:

    • Current 9th - 11th graders meet with counselors at BVHS.

    Enrollment Activities for Middle School Students Coming to BVHS:

    • Students coming to BVHS meet with counselors at PSMS and BVMS.