• Special Programs

  • CAPS:  Center for Advanced Professional Studies

    The Blue Valley School District offers specialized courses through its Center for Advanced Professional Studies. Junior and senior level students from all Blue Valley high schools can join together in a unique learning environment to deeply explore their interests in a profession-based learning approach. Classes are offered in the following strands:  Bioscience; Business, Technology, and Media; Engineering; and Human Services. For more details on this learning opportunity, see the district's link below that includes details about pathways, course offerings, and how to apply.

    Blue Valley School District Center for Advanced Professional Studies

    Special  Services

    ·         Special Education: Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) may enroll in Study Skills or Gifted Education, as applicable. Students with an IEP may also be eligible for the Career Development Opportunities Program (CDOP) classes. Consult the counselor, case manager, or transition specialist for more details.

    ·         Peer Tutoring: Students may apply to assist students with special needs. Contact a counselor for more information about applying for this course. Open to all grade levels with accepted application.

    Summer Program

    Watch the Blue Valley Schools web site for information about the Summer Program. For details, visit the district's Summer Program Link below.

    Blue Valley School District Summer Program

    Virtual Education

    The district offers a limited number of virtual (online) courses. Students may enroll in these courses during the school day as one of their seven courses or as an after school option (fee involved). The following courses are available in the virtual environment. See the Course Description Guide (Virtual Course Section) for details of each class including prerequisites. For more details, visit the district's virtual education link below.

    Blue Valley School District Virtual Education