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    Barbi Frank

    TCE Counselor




  • A School Counselor can:  

    • Listen and understand when you face a challenge
    • Keeps things confidential
    • Works with students, parents, and teachers
    • Visits the classroom for classroom guidance lessons
    • Teaches the Blue Valley Virtues
    • Works with new students
    • Works with students individually and/or in a small group setting
    • Helps student's learn important social skills, conflict resolution skills, and academic success skills
    • Helps with TCE anti-bullying campaign
    • Helps with TCE community service
    • Helps students with goal setting
    • Works with teachers to help students have a successful school year
    • Helps parents with tools for successful parenting
  • How can a student see the counselor?

    • Self referral
    • Parent referral
    • Teacher/Staff referral
    • Referral by a friend

    The elementary school counselors welcome parent involvement.  Parents are invited to contact their child's counselor with any concerns, input and/or requests for assistance regarding their child .

  • Who seeks help?


    • Friendship Issues
    • Getting along with family
    • Grief, loss and divorce
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Positive support
    • Academic concerns
    • Social/emotional issues


    • Home and school communication
    • Developmental behavior issues
    • Academic transitions
    • Parental resources