• 09.29.2008

    Dear Parents,

    We had a fabulous day! We were busy talking about our week ahead which includes an Early Dismissal day tomorrow and swimming on Wednesday!

    In case you didn't see the last note, our trip to Camelot Ballroom was a great success! Our dance instructors MS. Bridgett and Mr. Wayne are most competent at modifying dance steps for us...and I me US! Your students had a great time learning the Rumba, Waltz, quick-step and 2 additional dances. Our new friends who joined us from Pleasant Ridge as it turned out, were old friends of some of your students! Cool! Afterward, we went on to Pizza Shoppe, were our host, Mr. Chris had our reservation ready, tables set and lunch cooking! There were many interesting conversations as new friendships were forged and old friendships re-kindled. Pleasant Ridge will join us when we go to Johnson Farms on October 9th.

    Conferences days are coming up quickly....as a rule if you call me we can set up a conference on either day. Wednesday October 22nd, I will be available from 4pm until 8pm. On Thursday, October 23rd, I'm available from 8am until 4pm. Let me know what works for you....If we are having an IEP soon or have just had one, we probably do not need to meet again. I know your time is shared between all of your kiddos and they may not attend OMS.

    Questions???call me, 239.5526

    MOM'S NIGHT, tomorrow night 6:30 at Houlihan's