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    Welcome to Gifted Education

    Lisa Martel, Enrichment Teacher, Chess Club, and Mathletics

     email: lmartel@bluevalleyk12.org

    phone: 239-6871 Best time to reach me: 9:30-10-30

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    Welcome to 2013-2014 School Year.  Here is what we are doing in gifted education.... 

    First Grade: In order to meet all our new first graders I will be doing short higher level thinking activities in each classroom this year.

    Second Grade: 

    First Semester:  I can become a paleontologist by search for dinosaur bones then rebuilting the dinosaur.

    Second Semester:  I can use problem solving strategies using money.

    Third Grade: 

    First Semester:  I can use problem solving and deductive reasoning to translate a story from Nertz to English.

    Second Semester I can learn math and problem solving by complete the Math Quest simulation.

    Fourth Grade: 

    First Semester: I can solve problrems make small robotic tools.

    Second Semester:  I can learn about cultures by studying archeology.

    Fifth Grade:

    First Semester:  I can learn about being an inventor by identifing a need, inventing a product to fix the need, then creating it out of recycled products.

    3rd Quarter:  I can develop my higher level thinking skill while working with NXT Robotics kits.

    4th Quarter: l I can learn about affective needs gifted students may have by reading  and discussing The Gifted Student Survival Guide.