Parent Message from Dr. K 10.23.20

Hello Families!


We are excited to announce that Blue Valley is now part of Seesaw for Schools, which gives both teachers and families an upgraded Seesaw experience. Seesaw is a companion platform to Canvas. Canvas will continue to be our main communication, lesson delivery, and standards-based grading reporting platform, but some teachers may choose to use Seesaw as well. Teachers have until the beginning of the second quarter to switch over to this upgraded version, so please be aware it may look different from teacher to teacher and grade level to grade level until this transition is complete. With that said, our main platform is still Canvas, so teachers may or may not be using Seesaw, so don’t be alarmed if their classes are empty. One of the benefits of using this upgraded version is families only need to sign up once and then they will stay connected across classes and grade levels. For more information about Seesaw check out this video.

Today is the last day for conference sign up via the link/class codes that were sent out by your child’s teacher.  If you haven’t scheduled one yet, please do so by the end of the day today. 

After today you will need to contact your child’s teacher to find availability.

Halloween (will be celebrated at Morse on Wednesday, October 28th)

  • Morse will continue to follow district guidelines and recommendations for classroom
    parties this school year. Unfortunately, since parades draw a large number of students and families at the same time, such events will be discontinued for the 2020-2021 school year unless the COVID situation changes.
    ● Students will be able to wear a costume to school if they so choose on October 28th. Please take into consideration a few items when determining a costume for the day:
  • Students will need to wear their costumes to school. They will not be able to
    change in or out of their costume at school. Please ensure the costume is
    comfortable and can be worn for the duration of the school day.
  • Your student will need to be independent with his/her costume and be able to
    take care of his/her needs independently, including restroom use, without
  • Please do not send your student to school with additional accessories for their
    costume (baskets, blanket, or any items that they would have to carry.)
  • Please ensure the costume is school appropriate and that they include no
    additional face coverings, besides the current mask students wear daily.
  • Please ensure costumes are not distracting to the learning environment.

Classroom teachers will engage the students in an activity during the traditional “Halloween Party” time. We will run a condensed specials schedule on October 28.  If you have any questions about your student’s costume, please reach out to your classroom teacher. Following our current COVID protocols, visitors will not be allowed in the building during this time.

 Book Fair

The book fair will be virtual this year!

Book fair dates: Nov 2-13

Book Fair website:

(If a student is a virtual student with a teacher who is not at Morse, please put in our librarian’s name, Kate Pommerenke for delivery, then they will be able to pick it up at a materials pickup day!)

Have a great weekend!

Dr. K