Inclement Weather Update

Inclement Weather Update
In Kansas, it is likely over the next few months we’ll see forecasts that call for inclement weather. Blue Valley encourages students and families to be prepared by:

  • Bringing home district-provided devices daily (if in hybrid-learning)
  • Reviewing 2020-21 inclement weather learning options
    • NEW! REMOTE LEARNING DAY: A remote learning day will be used when adverse weather conditions exist that make travel to and from school unsafe. The learning day will include check-ins with teachers and learning activities for all students, including VirtualED. During a Remote Learning Day, in-person learners will continue to follow the existing daily schedule.
      • On such days, watch for an email from Mr. Rembold that looks similar to the draft below:
        • Today/tomorrow will be a remote learning day due to inclement weather. Students should have their devices at home to participate in remote learning. This day remains a school day, and will include check-ins and learning activities for all students, including VirtualED. Middle school students should see assignments on their Canvas tile as they start their day.  The length of the live Zoom sessions may vary by teacher and are intended to be a check-in with students to provide direction for assignments, an opportunity to take attendance, and answer any questions from students. Please stay safe!
        • Prairie Star Middle School will continue to use the schedule we currently use during Distance Learning for remote snow days. Our students will begin their day by logging in at 7:41 am and learning activities/instructions will be posted by 7:41 am.  The day will conclude at 2:50pm
    • DELAYED START: Delayed starts will be used when temporary adverse weather conditions exist, including high winds, cold temperatures or unfavorable road conditions. A two-hour delayed start would allow in-person staff and students extra time to arrive at school. This option maximizes in-person instructional time with students. VirtualED students and students learning remotely in the hybrid model would also start two hours late. The Delayed Start schedule can be viewed (here).
    • TRADITIONAL “SNOW DAY”: In extreme weather conditions, the district may still call an inclement weather day with no school for all students.

During this ever-changing pandemic, Blue Valley is prioritizing student learning on inclement weather days, whether that learning is in-person or remote. By prioritizing learning, the district avoids having to further extend the school year into June.

Families will continue to receive an email and text message when the school day is modified due to inclement weather. When possible, the announcement will be made the day before so families can plan. General information about inclement weather is available on the district’s website.