How do students enroll?

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Students interested in attending Blue Valley Academy should meet with their home high school counselor. Counselors can share more detailed information regarding the program and the home high school's process for recommending candidates. Because the success of the Academy depends on low student/teacher ratio, enrollment each semester is limited and each high school has a process in place to prioritize their selected candidates. Each semester the home high school provides a roster of the selected candidates to the Academy.

We then schedule an interview with each candidate and parent to discuss the program, propose an individualized student plan based on the student's needs and to answer any questions. If the student and parents believe the Academy is a good option based on the information provided, the student is invited to attend. Because we are a high school program that supports all five of high schools, students are "concurrently enrolled" at both the Academy and their high school of record. All Academy students continue to be members of their home high school. Students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities, clubs, etc. do so through their high school of record. Additionally, if students elect to remain at the Academy until graduation, they will receive their diploma from their high school of record. There is no transcript or diploma designation to indicate attendance at the Academy.

It is important to understand that students are accepted to the Academy only through home high school recommendation and only at the beginning of each traditional semester.​