Mission Statement...

    The Blue Valley Academy is dedicated to re-engaging each student in the learning process, empowering them to maximize their social and academic achievements.




    We welcome you to Blue Valley Academy.  Our team is dedicated to providing a non-judgmental, safe, and open environment in order to promote academic, personal, and social successes. The Blue Valley Academy goal is to personalize your school experience in order to maximize the development of your individual talents and abilities as you strive to become responsible and productive citizens in the 21st century world.


    Vision Statement...

    Blue Valley Academy will facilitate at-risk learners, one student at a time, in developing and maxcimizing their academic and interpersonal skills to meaningfully participate in the 21st century world through staff's on-going professional collaboration and involvement in professional growth activities focused on improvement of student learning.

    • Personalized, one student at a time approach.
    • Enhances student commitment toward learning.
    • Enables students to develop academic skills for success.
    • Provides guidance for students to explore alternative ways to achieve success.
    • Has teachers who listen and interact with students.
    • Encourages students to look at problems as challenges to be solved.
    • Promotes self-worth.
    • Encourages students to be responsible and accountable for personal behavior.
    • Enables students to develop communication and social skills which enhances the opportunity to succeed.
    • Monitor students success based on the use of a variety of assessment tools.