• Kids forget things. It happens. 

    How we respond to forgotten items relies on the responsibility of your student(s). First, know that you can say "No." You were not the one who forgot your homework, water bottle, laptop, sports gear, etc. We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and understand the consequences of ill-preparedness.

    If your student has forgotten a lunch, know that they can always receive a meal from our kitchen, even if there is no balance on their lunch account. All they need to do is ensure they are creating a Type A Lunch Tray . Individual items are charged via their A la Carte prices, so it is most cost-effective to build a full tray. 

    We understand emergencies happen as well. To find out more about our Item Drop Off Policy, please review this section from our Student Handbook:



    Calling students out of class for telephone calls, messages, etc. is both time-consuming and disruptive to the student, teacher, and the entire class. If a message/package is received, office staff will call the student up when they are available to do so. Teachers may not dismiss students immediately if it disrupts class, tests, or an activity. Students are encouraged to check in the office during passing periods if they are expecting something. Items are not delivered, it is the student’s responsibility to pick up the items they have forgotten. If an emergency situation exists, please explain the situation to the office staff so we can ensure that your child will receive the message promptly.



    In general, we discourage parents and families from dropping off fast food lunches for their student. When students have outside food brought for themselves and/or their friends, it causes disruptions in the lunchroom and often leads to hurt feelings. If you choose to bring in lunch for your student for a special occasion, (i.e. birthday), they will be asked to eat their lunch in the main office. Likewise, food deliveries such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. are not allowed for students at BVMS as having delivery drivers on campus could pose a safety concern for our staff and students. 

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