• Information for Parents/Guardians

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    2024 - 2025 School Year

    August 5:  Locker Picture Day

         Students who have completed registration may pick up their locker assignment, combination, and get their yearbook picture taken (Yes, there will be another yearbook picture day during the school year)

    August 12: 6th Grade & New BV Family Orientation

      New students to Blue Valley and 6th grade students come for a 2 hour orientation 7:51am - 9:50am.  Pick up your schedule, visit each of your classrooms, and meet your teachers.

    August 13:  1st Day of School  7:51am - 3:00pm

      7th & 8th grade students will receive their schedules in the morning.




    Did you choose to drop off shoes, homework, lunchbox?

    If you are bringing an item in for your student during the school day, you will leave it on the small table in the foyer. We cannot call into class to tell your student their item has arrived.  We suggest you arrange ahead of time when you are bringing the item or you may email your student on their school email address to notify them.


    Lunch Reminders and OMS Policies

    OMS Families --  outside food may NOT be dropped off or delivered to students for lunch.  In addition, no outside coffee, smoothies, or other beverages may be dropped off. 

    Want to know about OMS Policies?  Find out everything from how to call in an absence, to lunch policies, to forgotten item dropoff, and cell phone rules.  See the School Information tab and check out the School Policies or look under the Families tab for the 2023 2024 Student Planner.



    Preventing Game Access from Student Chromebooks:  Securly Filter Request

    The number one complaint in past years from parents and teachers has been student access to game sites during the school day.  Parents can now choose to place their 3-12th grade students in Securly's "High Restrictions Filter Group" by logging a BVCARE Technology ticket.  *Educational Games sites used by curriculum will still be allowed.


    Interested in OMS Spiritwear?

    The PTO has created an online store that is open year round.  1st Place Spiritwear has a wide variety of Oxford pride clothing and accessories.  A portion of each sale goes back to Oxford PTO to support our school!  Mind the sizing guide as sizes tend to run small.