• “Eat your vegetables.”  Children might hear that phrase but, are they taught how many servings they should eat each day?  Our students are learning about serving sizes and the fundamentals of eating a healthy diet via the Wellness U program at Oak Hill.


    Wellness U was designed to utilize a variety of media to promote healthy lifestyle choices and positive social interactions.


    In addition to learning about nutrition, health, and physical fitness the program is designed to:

    ·         Educate children about the two Big Expectations in the Café: Respect and Responsibility

    ·         Increase student engagement

    ·         Maximize student learning opportunities during a time-bound day

    ·         Decrease undesired behaviors of students during unstructured time

    ·         Increase the respect for cultural meal differences and overall cultural awareness

    ·         Encourage table manners

    ·         Enhance virtue education

    ·         Promote positive social interactions among students and staff


    We encourage your children to participate in Fitness Friday.  Our students enjoy stretching and moving  to Lazy Town videos.  It helps them release excess energy and have fun with their classmates.


    Take a moment and ask your children about the MyPlate model used in our Café. You might be surprised by how much they know about developing healthy eating habits.