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       This week we started literature groups.  I showed the kids a variety of books and let them look at the covers and I read them any information that was written about the books.  They chose their own books to read with other students.  I want the kids to learn to enjoy reading if they don't already.  The kids are going to read the books, connect with the text, and discuss the books with others who are reading the same book.  I told the kids that if they are reading and discussing as they are supposed to they will not have to complete any projects or worksheets.  Hopefully, if your child doesn't enjoy reading, I can get them interested in a particular genre or author..just in time for summer!  Maybe they'll want to pick up a book or two (or 6) at the library!

     Please make sure your child is reading every night.  It would be great if you could ask them about what they're reading as it will really help with comprehension!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!