Topic 3 Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

      3-1: Adding with and expanded algorithm

      3-2: Models for adding 3-digit numbers

      3-3: Adding 3-digit numbers

      3-4: Adding 3 or more numbers

      3-5: Draw a picture

      3-6: Subtracting with an expanded algorithm

      3-7: Models for subtracting 3-digit numbers

      3-8: Subtracting 3-digit numbers

      3-9: Subtracting across zeros

      3-10: Problem Solving


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    -For whole group instruction, we are reading Little House on the Prairie

    -Students are reading LEAD 21 Theme 3: The Shape of the Land

    Focus Questions:
    Week 1: How can we describe a community by its geography?

    Week 2: How do geography and natural resources affect a community?

    Week 3: How does geography affect how people work and play?

    Week 4: How is geography a foundation for a community? *Library Checkout on Fridays!


    We are working on parts of a paragraph: Topic sentences, supporting details, conclusions, and sequencing parts of a paragraph.

    Grammar focus: Nouns, verbs, subject nouns, adverbs.

    -New spelling lists are generated on Monday, test on

    -Spelling homework due on Fridays.



     Unit 4: Life Cycles and Animal Traits

    Lesson 6: Life Cycles of Vertebrates

    Social Studies

    *Focus on Daily Geography