Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Dr. Jennifer Spencer has served children, families, and communities as a true calling. She has enjoyed serving various school districts and has, now, spent the majority of her career as a school administrator.  She enjoyed being a classroom teacher and found herself placed in roles to both support and guide other educators. School administration has allowed her to continue to do so while building lasting partnerships with families, and most importantly, serving, encouraging, and engaging with children every day. The 2022-2023 school year marks her 26th year as a school administrator.

She completed her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education through Baker University, graduated from Kansas State University with her master's in Educational Leadership, and completed her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Kansas.  Growing professional learning in educators to, in turn, better educate children continues to be a focus of her leadership.  She enjoys instructing graduate courses for classroom teachers and aspiring principals. 

After many years out of the classroom, she desires to be as connected and invested in daily classroom learning as she did her first year of teaching. Every child, his/her interests, strengths, and needs are important to Jennifer.  Her daily focus during school hours involves meeting the immediate needs of students, staff, and families as each new day offers new learning challenges and opportunities.

Likewise, a sentiment she shares often: "All adults for all children all of the time," is seen in the adult community she leads as they prioritize their work to ensure every student is a confident, well-cared for learner. At home, she has raised two boys into men and often jokes that she’s been “raised by boys” as parenting requires learning from children, too.  She values following a child’s lead and developing it beyond expectations.