• Monthly, staff members nominate students to be acknowledged as a part of the Principal’s Pride Squad. Students selected have exhibited one or more of the following qualities consistently: respect, compassion, honesty, perseverance, zest, purpose, grit, optimism, responsibility, gratitude, kindness, self-discipline, courage, and curiosity. 

    These represent the Blue Valley Virtues as well as the Cottonwood Point Guiding Principles.  Each trait was chosen thoughtfully and with consideration to research. Research points to these qualities as a part of happy, productive adult lives. It is our job to teach these qualities to children as a part of their learning and to set them up for wellness into their future lives.

     Group of students smiling for a picture


  • Each fall, CPE hosts the Family Fun Run. This event is organized as the one fund-raiser for CPE each year but the most important purpose is to bring the CPE family together in one place for nothing but fun.  Families and staff enjoy a one-mile walk/run followed by games, music, and yes, pie-throwing.  It is amazing how much fun it can be to throw or even be on the receiving end of a pie. Thanks to the CPE staff for their willingness to be in the line-up for pies!

    Staff having pies thrown at them