• Homework for kindergarteners   


    Kindergarteners: Practice blending games at home or in the car with your child. Give your child 3 sounds that make a word, for example, /b/ /a/ /t/ and ask your child what word it is. Practice with 2 letter sounds at first and move to 3 and 4 sounds. We use words like cat, bun, lock (still 3 sounds), flip, stop, past (4 sounds).

    Reverse the game and give your child the word and have them say how many sounds they hear!


  • Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention has a strong home connection. Each night your child will bring home a book and a fold sheet. The book is one we have previously read. Your child can read the book to you or someone else. The fold sheet is a simple quick activity that reinforces what we have done that day. Some days the fold sheet may have been completed.

    Asking your child questions over the story reinforces the importance of understanding what you are reading. As you listen to them read, notice if they self-correct, do they sound out the words, are they making sure the words are making sense in the story? Are they making connections to other stories or events? It takes much practice to build a successful life-long reader!