• Fourth grade is an exciting year in the personal and academic growth of our students at Leawood Elementary School. Our grade focuses not only on the academic subjects, but also the development of the whole child. This includes the types of skills that the children will need for the rest of their lives, such as respect, perserverence, and compassion. Students are encouraged to develop responsibility and self-discipline through their daily experiences and with role modeling in a positive environment.

    Our math program strives to develop conceptual understanding through the use of hands-on activities. Computation as well as problem solving is taught in context. Topics included in our hands-on science program include metric measurement, earth materials, magnetism and electricity, nutrition, and environments. The Regions of the United States is the main theme of the social studies curriculum. There are many creative and research projects that are used to enrich our program. Reading instruction focuses on comprehension and vocabulary skills through the balanced use of the base and novels. The Six-Trait Model helps us to focus on improving our writing. The integration of computer skills in the regular curriculam areas is also an integral part of our fourth grade program.

    Lunch hour is 12:25-12:50.