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Week of 9/25/16

Sunday, September 25th, 2016
Monday: Day 4: Spanish/Music
Tuesday: Day 5: Art
Wednesday: Day 1: Spanish/P.E.
Thursday: Day 2: Computer
Friday: Day 3: Music/P.E.

Math: This week we will continue Topic 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers

Reading: This week we will be our final week of our theme "Common Ground". Students will work in small groups with me and complete reading rotations working on the following skills: Paraphrasing, Making Inferences, Plot, Descriptive Language, and Prefixes meaning Not or Opposite, and synonyms. Students will meet in inquiry groups to prepare their presentation.

Writing: Students will work in writing workshop. We will continue our first writing unit, Memoirs.

Science: What is Matter?

Spelling: No spelling Test this week.

Important Reminders:
*Any student who wants to run for office for Student Council must turn in their form and speech (President candidates only) by Tuesday, September 27.
*We will have library check-out on Wednesday.
*1/2 of the class will visit the Maker's Space Thursday. The other half of the class will visit in two weeks.