Sometimes students forget things like their snack, water bottle, lunch, backpack, mask, technology device, etc.  Often parents will run those things up, trying to be helpful, and in years past, we have welcomed that.  This year, however, when parents bring forgotten items, it requires front office staff to go out and get the item, exposing them to the broader population and COVID.  Instead, we ask that you refrain from bringing forgotten items.  We have extra masks, water bottles, devices, and lunches that we can provide students, and we are happy to help students.   We all forget sometimes!   “Getting by” that day may also help students learn to check to make sure they have everything ready to go the night before or the morning of school.   If you do bring forgotten items up, we will ask you to take them home, and we will make sure the students gets a replacement item for that day of school.  If you are worried we might not have the item (e.g. special medication), feel free to call the front office staff at 913-239-7700, to discuss.