Zoom Tricks/Tips

  • You may use your personal device to connect. Alternatively, you could connect using your student’s district-issued device. 

  • Locate the Zoom link provided by the teacher.  

  • Check your settings, ensure that your video camera is on and you are not muted. You can do an audio and microphone check in advance; this is recommended.  Most students are very familiar with the Zoom platform and may be able to offer assistance. 

  • If you are having issues connecting, try restarting your device to refresh the settings.  

  • Most teachers will utilize the “waiting room” feature.   When you join the Zoom meeting and the Waiting Room is being used, you will see a message stating that you are in the waiting room.  When the conference before you is finished, the teacher will connect to you.  You do not need to do anything; just relax until it’s your turn.