Parent Input for 21-22 Class Placement

A great deal of thought goes into classroom assignment of students. In order to create a class where ALL students can learn and grow, classes are balanced based on several factors including academic and social/emotional needs in order to build a classroom where optimum collaborative learning will occur. In addition, we ask students to complete "Connection Cards," listing students with whom they feel they can learn well. We will consider these connections as we create classes.

Parent input in the class placement process is certainly welcome. Sometimes parents are tempted to request a particular teacher. Parents are reminded that a request for a specific teacher by name will not be honored. There are several reasons for this. For example, we could encounter a situation where the team feels two or more students should not be in the same class, yet their parents have requested the same teacher. Furthermore, there may be other factors which prevent requested placement including confidential factors concerning other students. Additionally, staff changes may occur, which may prevent placing your student in a specific room. We appreciate your cooperation and support in this process.

While you do not need to complete the form, if there is any information about your child that we might not already know, or if you have a specific need or concern, please complete this form by April 16, 2021. It is important that we receive forms by no later than April 16, in order to consider your input, while the full staff is available before summer break.


Parent Input for 21-22 Class Placement



Principal Eubanks