Seven Days of Kindness

This week we will begin SevenDays®! SevenDays® and the Faith Always Wins Foundation were created in 2014 after 14-year-old Reat Griffin Underwood, his grandfather William Corporon, and Terri LaManno were murdered by a white supremacist. This initiative every April encourages everyone to increase kindness, make ripples, and change the world.


Each day there will be a new theme to help us focus on kindness and understanding of differences. If you want more information about events going on this week, outside of school, please check out the website,, and follow SevenDays® on Instagram @givesevendays.


Liberty View Elementary will celebrate the days with special themed activities to raise awareness and spread kindness.


Tuesday - Love - Love your Neighbor

Wear red or pink and wave at your neighbor when you see them today.

Wednesday - Discover - ourselves and others

Wear clothes that show your family’s heritage

Thursday - Others - We are all on the same side

Wear your most unique and wacky clothes

Friday - Connect - with your community

Dress as your favorite career

Saturday - You - A few minutes to breathe

Wear your favorite workout gear all day

Sunday - Go - Take it outside

Wear your favorite hat

Monday - Onward - Pay it forward

Wear Liberty View Gear


For more info and suggestions for activities, click the following link:

Liberty View's Give Seven Days