The Prairie Star Elementary School staff members are excited to announce the continuation of Late Night at the Star for the 2023-2024 school year!


    Late Night at the Star classes are after-school enrichment programs offered to the students who attend Prairie Star Elementary approximately one Friday per month. These sessions, taught by various teams of staff, offer a variety of experiences to the PSE student community. Every session hosted is new and exciting! Children enjoy the extra time with their friends and their parents/guardians love early Friday evening time without the kids!


    More information will be provided by Mrs. Sperry in her weekly newsletters as each session date nears. Make sure to read these newsletters completely so your student does not miss out on the fun!


    Every class and session (regardless of date, staff hosts, or activity) will take place from 4:00pm-6:30pm immediately following regular school dismissal on Fridays on which Late Night occurs. These sessions will cost $50 per student registered and will include guided, engaging activities as well as food and drink. You are always welcome to send a separate snack/dinner if your child has special dietary restrictions or needs.


    The remaining Late Night at the Star events should take place on:

    • 2.16.2024
    • 4.5.2024
    • 5.3.2024


    Registration will close at 6:00pm on Thursday evenings, the night before the Late Night date. (ex: If Late Night will be on 02.16.2024, registration will close at 6:00pm on 02.15.2024). It is imperative that you register before this time and exceptions cannot be made. This cutoff time allows the staff hosting the classes to buy the appropriate amount of supplies, snacks, drinks, etc. If you miss the window for registering, you can always set a reminder to sign up for the next opportunity!


    If your student requires additional assistance on a typical day of school, please let your student's case manager know as soon as possible if you register your student for a session. This will allow the team to arrange support to help keep your child and everyone else safe, kind, and responsible.


    Please assume your student is enrolled in each class they have registered and paid for, unless you hear differently from the office.

    Thank you for your continued support of Late Night at the Star. We look forward to a year of exciting events! To enroll in camps, please see the website link:

    Scholarships for camps may be available. Please contact Mrs. Sperry for more information.



    Examples of events (from last year 2022-2023):

    • Join the K teachers for a Late Night at the Star event featuring THINGS THAT FLY! We will make various airplanes and parachutes. We will also design catapults with maker space materials, and program our robots to launch items! Snacks, pizza, drinks, and favors included!
    • Calling all Chiefs fans! Get ready for a Friday night under the lights with the 2nd-grade teachers! We will play football, make our own football cards, have dinner and more!! We can't wait to see you there!