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  • 2011-2012 Long Range Curriculum Plan



    Back to School Strategies
    Silly Stories
     Math  Data/Graphing/Addition Strategies
     Science  Nutrition
    Social Studies  
    Writing Sentences, Homophones
    Phonics short a short i

     Reading Theme 1: Fantasy/Realism
     Math  Unit 2 Addition Strategies
     Science  Insects
     Social Studies  
     Writing Sentence Structure, Synonyms
     Phonics Short vowels o,u,e
    long vowels a & i with a silent e

    Reading  Theme 2: Nonfiction & Realistic Fiction
    Math Measurement, Place Value,
    and Addition Strategies
     Social Studies  Kansas & Kansas City
     Writing Capitalization & Punctuation, Compound Words, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning Words

    long vowels o,u,e with a silent e,
    sounds for g,

    r,l,s consonant clusters

     Math  Patterns, Money, Time
     Reading Theme 3: Realistic Fiction & NonFiction
     Writing  Exact Nouns & Suffixes
     Science  Rocks & Magnets, Animals
     Social Studies  
     Phonics  vowel pairs ou/ow, ai/ay, ee/ea

     Math  Money, Time, Shapes
     Reading  Theme 3
     Science  Animals
     Social Studies