A b o u t   M r s.

      H a ff o r d

         I have been teaching at OTE for about 18 years in the 4th grade.  I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am thrilled that I have this chance to be a part of your children's lives!

         My name is Kathy Hafford. I am a certified teacher in both Missouri and Kansas at the elementary grade levels. I am a parent in the Blue Valley School District too! My daughter is a graduate from Blue Valley North and my son is an 12th grader  at Blue Valley North. We have one dog, Hubcap. He is rather large and weighs over 100 pounds. We have a five pound cat named Kierra. My family has lived here since 1995 and we were originally from New England. 

         I have worked in the Blue Valley School District for over 17 years.  I have previously worked in classrooms in the Raymore Peculiar and Center School districts. In Blue Valley, I have had the opportunity to work at both Cottonwood Point and Stilwell Elementary schools. These experiences have provided me with the opportunity to learn many different types of instructional strategies and bring in different ideas and approaches for our curriculum.

         I am following the same classroom management strategies that the entire Fourth Grade team has developed. We are providing continuity for your children, as we will be having students move between classes for Math and possibly for  Science and Social Studies.  I rely heavily on positive reinforcement for appropriate actions and expected behaviors by encouraging individuals and the class.

        I also provide students with the opportunity to answer their own questions by asking questions back. I believe that children learn through this method and also by correcting their mistakes. All mistakes and incorrect answers are learning opportunities!!!

       Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at [email protected] . I welcome the opportunity to talk with you. You can always check my weekly announcements to get information on assignments and reminders to upcoming events! I am looking forward to assisting your children with their Fourth Grade learning experience!!!!