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     Word Masters:

    Word Masters is a vocabulary program that addresses higher-level word-comprehension and logical abilities and helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically.

    Students are assigned a list of 25 words in which to analyze, synthesize and evaluate through relationships and use of analogies.  Towards the end of February, the fourth graders will be taking a test that uses their various word master words in analogy form (from both lists).  We will be working with these words each week in class and you will see assignments coming home that help the students to use and understand their words.  At home practice is also encouraged to help with learning and understanding.

    Throughout the year, the fourth graders will receive three lists of words in which to study and learn.  There will be three tests, with each test covering all words previously learned in addition to the new words.   

    We are currently working on list #1.  This list can be found in the Assignments and Handouts page under Fourth Grade.

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    4th Grade Wish List:

    These items are specific to 4th grade class needs.

    • Wood Glue
    • Flash Drives
    • Post It Notes