• Students must live inside the Blue Valley District boundaries in order to attend a Blue Valley School. If you are new to Blue Valley Schools or are returning after having left the district, you will need to register your student.  

    Go to the District Registration page to begin the process. If you are new to the district, please choose More Options and Create a New Account. If you are returning to the district, sign in to your ParentVue account with your user name and password. You will be required to provide certain documents and complete all student-related information and agreements. The online process will route your student's enrollment to their attendance school. Once verified for completion, you will be contacted by the Counseling Assistant to schedule an appointment. 

    Note: Any student coming from another school must present a Withdrawal Form from the previous school. The only exception is a student who completed 8th grade and is entering 9th grade at the beginning of the school year.​​​​​​​​


    Students from a country outside of the United States 

    Please choose New Student Enrollment from Outside the US from Useful Links to the right. Be sure to follow all steps and produce all documents with your registration. You may need to obtain documents from your prior school before leaving the country. 

    Transfer Students

    If you do not live within the attendance boundaries of Blue Valley North but wish to attend BVN​, you must complete a transfer request


  • Class changes can only occur during the 1st 5 days of the semester.  After the 6th day, students may only drop for a study hall. Withdrawal from most courses are permitted without penalty until the 11th week of the semester. If a student drops a course, a W will be recorded on their transcript. Withdrawals are not an option after the 11th week and the grade earned will be recorded on their transcript.


    Course Matrix Spring 2021


    Level changes

    Changing to a different level of the same class or within the same subject after the first five days of schools is available. Depending on the class, a student has either five or ten weeks into each semester​ to request a change. A level change form may be obtained from the counseling office and signed by parent, teacher of class being dropped and student.


    Study Hall

    A withdrawal for study hall is available as long as the student does not already have a study hall or aide in their schedule, students are only allowed one study hall or aide per semester. A W will appear on the student's transcript if withdrawing after the first five days of the semester. The W has no impact on GPA.


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