• Brox/Kenny Class Newsletter

    Week of: May 24th-28th 

  • Monday: Day 5 Regatta Races!

    Tuesday: Day 1

    Wednesday: Day 2 It's 'Move Up Day'! Our first graders will be visiting the Second Grade pod and meeting the teachers!

    Reading Incentive celebration today! We will have our t-ball game to conclude our last reading incentive.

    Thursday: Field Day! Field day stations 8:40-10:10, Walk to the park and play 11:45-12:30.

    Friday: Last day of school!!! Dismiss at 11:45

    Additional Information:

    SchoolCenter Picture It's a busy, but fun week! We will be writing a letter to the Second Grade Teachers, filling out a 1st grade memory booklet, and finishing our Father's Day project!

    SchoolCenter Picture Math: We will finish the year studying fractions in Unit 18: Pieces, Parts and Symmetry!! The students will build on previous exploration of applying fractions in fourths and halves and partitioning shapes by lines of symmetry.

    SchoolCenter PictureScience: We will finish our "Sink and Float" unit on matter this week. The highlight will be our Regatta Races on Monday!

    Reading Incentive- Our last reading incentive for the year is called "Royal Readers". Students need to read 12 books and fill out the baseball reading logs. We will have a T-ball game (with popsicles at the end) to celebrate our reading on May 26th. FYI Please note: We will look at the weather forecast for that week. If it looks rainy on the 26th, we may have the t-ball party on the 24th or 25th. Thank you for your support of this program throughout the year!