• enVision Math

    •Problem Based Interactive Learning

    •Conceptual Development for essential understanding

    •Students build from Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract

    •Uses 8 mathematical practices

     1.  Make sense of problems & persevere in solving them 

     2.  Reason abstractly & quantitatively 

     3.  Construct viable arguments & critique the reasoning of others 

     4.  Model with Mathematics

     5.   Use appropriate tools strategically 

     6.  Attend to precision 

     7.  Look for & make use of structure

     8.  Look for & express regularity in repeated reasoning

  • enVision Math

    Daily Lesson Outline

     Part One: Daily Review

    •Review key concepts from the previous day’s lessons in a variety of ways 

     Part Two: Problem Based Interactive Learning

    •Mathematical Conversations with peers, based on a question provided by teacher

    1. Creating Questions

    2. Using Manipulatives

    3. Using Mathematical Practices

    Part Three: Visual Learning, Guided Practice, Independent Practice & Problem Solving

    •Watch Visual Learning Animation

    •Guided Practice Problems

    •Independently solve practice problems expanding on daily topic

     Part Four: Close & Assess Differentiated Instruction

    •Students are assessed by teacher

    •Students participate in learning centers

    •Small group instruction with teacher for reteaching