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    Kindergarten Year Long Theme

    Making Connections

    • Making connections is a skill that allows children to find patterns in everything they learn.  It changes the way children think!
    • Making connections allows children to find similarities and differences in what they learn.
    • Making connections helps the brain process new information, recall it and learn by overlaying a known pattern onto an unknown pattern to find similiarities and differences.
    • Making connections promotes analytical thinking.

    Research based on Marzano's Higher Level Thinking Strategies

  • Target Goals

    • I can make comparisons between things that are alike and different.
    • I can "think" and discover new learnings.
    • I can connect new information to past ideas
    • I can connect information to real life experiences.



    • What do I already know that will help me learn this new idea?
    • How do you know?
    • What is the same?
    • What is different?