• 18-21 Services focus around daily living skills, community skills, and vocational training. Our goal is to provide students with the skills and resources necessary to live and work as independently as possible within their community.  Placement will be decided by the IEP team during the student’s senior year of high school.


    We offer the following options for students depending on their unique needs and plans for the future: 


    CFK volunteers



    Life Skills 

    Functional skills to support students becoming as independent as possible. 


    • Food planning and preparation
    • Making a grocery list
    • Basic Budgeting
    • Shopping, Cooking and Cleaning Up
    • Housekeeping
    • Outdoor/Indoor plant care
    • Functional money skills
    • Calendars (self management)
    • Self Advocacy
    • Social Skills
    • Safety
    • Hygiene
    • IEP Goals


    Community Skills

    • 1 day a week in the classroom, 1 day a week in the community 
    • Lesson examples:

      • Restaurant Etiquette
      • Grocery Shopping
      • Public Transportation
      • Independent Living Options
      • Adult Services
      • Voting
      • Community Safety
      • Banking/Budgeting
      • Social Skills
      • Current Events
      • And More! 
    • Community Outings: 

      • Variety of Stores for all kinds of shopping
      • Restaurants
      • Fast Food
      • Fitness Centers
      • Recreation Opportunities within our community
      • Museums






    In collaboration with Inclusion Connections, Inc. for access to meaningful employment.

    Jobs include:

    • Gathering, laundering and sorting t-shirts 
    • Tracing on fabric
    • Cutting fabric
    • Stretching fabric
    • Grouping fabric by color
    • Making dog toys
    • Making dog sniff mats
    • Measuring ingredients
    • Mixing ingredients
    • Baking treats
    • Weighing treats
    • Packaging and labeling treats 



    Recreation and Leisure Skills

    Activities include:

    • Individual sensory activities, including flexible seating 
    • Self-directed leisure options- workout equipment, puzzles, task boxes, books, interactive games, etc.
    • Community Service projects- Giving the Basics, Communities that Care, Recycling


    Activities include functional and vocational work tasks and work boxes. 

    Production aims to teach students daily work skills such as time on task, working without behaviors, task completion and task repetition. 




    • Technology Skills/Google Apps
    • Online Program with a Token Economy
    • Resume & Interviewing 
    • Portfolio 
    • Development/Projects: Website & YouTube
    • Simulated Online Banking
    • Functional Reading, Writing & Math

    JCCC CLEAR Classes

    • College Learning Experiences, Activities & Resources
    • 50 minute classes
    • Enrichment classes for adults with disabilities  
      • **Students must be independent enough to participate in the class without direct staff support in the classroom. 
    • Paras are on site to assist students between buildings and during their time in the food court.
    • Students are able to eat lunch in the food court, learn to utilize the campus library, and participate in special events.

    CDOP - Community Development Opportunities Program

    • Community job sites or in-building jobs
    • Job site placement depends on the individual & specific IEP goals
      • **If a student’s Post–Secondary Vocational Goal has been met, 18-21 staff will collaborate with families on an individual basis to determine if a full day's schedule, including CDOP, is appropriate.




  • Registration

  • Lunch

  • Transportation Policies



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