What to Expect from Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

What to Expect

  • Video conferences will be held via Zoom. 
  • Conferences are scheduled for a set amount of time so that all families can participate.  If you have an issue that will need more time, you can schedule that at a different time with the teacher or principal.
  • The focus will be on student progress and plans for student growth. 
  • Conferences are not only for situations in which there are concerns.  Especially this year, conferences can be an opportunity to check-in with the teacher(s) on how your child is adjusting both academically and personally in this new environment.

Possible Questions To Ask 

  • How is my student responding to being back to school?
  • How is my student doing academically?

Helpful Hints

  • The purpose of this time is to build/strengthen the relationship between your student’s teacher and you. We want to focus this time on your student’s learning experiences.
  • To ensure the maximum amount of time is spent on your child, please visit the district website for information about the COVID-19 response.  More general questions about the district’s gating criteria regarding Covid-19, learning modes, masks, quarantine guidelines, etc. are answered using this resource.
  • Set up space where you can focus on the conversation, free from distractions.  Consider a space where you are able to speak freely and confidently about your student with the teacher(s.)

Zoom Tricks/Tips

  • You may use your personal device to connect. Alternatively, you could connect using your student’s district-issued device.
  • Locate the Zoom link provided by the teacher. 
  • Check your settings, ensure that your video camera is on and you are not muted. You can do an audio and microphone check in advance; this is recommended.  Most students are very familiar with the Zoom platform and may be able to offer assistance.
  • If you are having issues connecting, try restarting your device to refresh the settings. 
  • Most teachers will utilize the “waiting room” feature.   When you join the Zoom meeting and the Waiting Room is being used, you will see a message stating that you are in the waiting room.  When the conference before you is finished, the teacher will connect to you.  You do not need to do anything; just relax until it’s your turn.
  • Check out these two videos that help you navigate the Zoom platform!