• The safety of Blue Valley students and staff continues to be a top priority. In an effort to keep our school communities fully informed, the district will provide weekly updates indicating confirmed positive COVID-19 cases as reported to the school/district by school, as well as a district overview. The district works closely with the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) to determine next steps when cases arise in a school/building.


    • Dashboard data is collected at mid-day on Wednesdays. The information reflects district-wide and school-specific data from the prior week (Wednesday to Wednesday).

    • In order to best protect privacy, we will combine student and staff data and will not include identifying information about the individuals who test positive.

    • A web page is dedicated to each high school feeder area that includes individual school data.

    • Blue Valley’s COVID dashboard only reflects confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. 

    • Presumed positive cases are not reflected in dashboard numbers; however, JCDHE may ask the district to provide staff and families low and/or high risk exposure notices based on presumed positive cases.

    • District quarantine data reflects the reported number of staff and students on JCDHE directed quarantines.



    Between the dates of June 22 and August 31, Blue Valley’s total number of COVID-19 positive cases was 40.


    Blue Valley will update the number of new cases by school and the district as a whole on Fridays. The data reflects the number of reported and confirmed COVID-19 positive cases.


    Blue Valley will update the number of JCDHE directed quarantines in the district on Fridays. The data reflects the reported number of students and staff on JCDHE directed quarantines.


  • How does Blue Valley record positive cases?

  • How is it determined that an individual is COVID-19 positive?

  • What is a close contact?

  • How will a student or staff member know if they are a close contact?

  • What is the length of the quarantine period?

  • What is the infectious period for COVID-19?

  • What is the length of the isolation period?

  • How will contact tracing be handled?

  • What happens if a student must quarantine for a period of time? What will happen with schoolwork?

  • What happens if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in a school or district building?

  • What has to happen for cohort or class to be quarantined or a school closure?

  • When can I expect communication related to COVID-19 cases in my child's school?

  • What are the differences between quarantine and isolation?