DECA Tigers Capture State Title!

DECA State Champs

BVH congratulates the Tiger students in DECA for winning the 2023 State DECA Championship


The following students placed in their events and many of them are headed to Orlando to take on the world!


State Champions (& National Qualifiers)

Emily Clausen – 1st Accounting Applications

Catherine Li – 1st Automotive Services

Charlotte Warren – 1st Professional Selling

Eleanor Warren & Genevieve Jarrell – 1st Entrepreneurship Franchise Business

Melody Xue & Ella Woods – 1st Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product

Eleanor Warren & Genevieve Jarrell – 1st Sports & Entertainment Team Decision Making


National Qualifiers (Top 2 in project or Top 3 in role-play event)

Allie Crawford – 2nd Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Kate Kozlowski – 2nd Apparel & Accessories Marketing

Alex Diaz, Mariah Rutler & Jack Graves – 2nd Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product

Charlotte Warren – 2nd Human Resource Management

Carter & Payton Henderson – 2nd Entrepreneurship Start-Up Business

Ronit Patel & Shivam Patel – 2nd Hospitality Team Decision Making

Kate Kozlowski – 2nd Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event

Mason Chidlow – 3rd Entrepreneurship Series

Kelsey Phillips – 3rd Hotel & Lodging Management

Mariah Rutler – 3rd Quick Serve Restaurant Management

Kate Sogard – 3rd Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Top 10 State Placers

Mundeep Kaberwal & Charlie Doherty – 3rd Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event

Ainsley Lister & Kate Sogard – 3rd Entrepreneurship Start-Up Business

Mason Chidlow – 3rd Professional Selling

JuJu Mayers – 4th Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Carter Henderson – 4th Financial Literacy

Julia Walsh – 4th Marketing Communications Series

Emery Davis – 4th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product

Mundeep Kaberwal – 4th Food Marketing

Catherine Li – 4th Financial Consulting

Riley Reynolds – 4th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service

Astha Khandelwal – 4th Retail Merchandising

Johnny Perkins – 4th Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Julia Walsh – 5th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product

Eddy Jiang – 5th Entrepreneurship – Franchise Business

Alex Diaz – 5th Entrepreneurship Series

Payton Henderson – 6th Financial Literacy

Emery Davis – 6th Marketing Communications Series

Ainsley Lister – 6th Entrepreneurship Series

Jonas Romine – 6th Financial Consulting

Katie Alberton – 6th Restaurant & Food Service Management

Mackenzie Lomax – 6th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service

AJ Diaz & Mustafa Qadir – 6th Sports & Entertainment Team Decision Making

Rehan Malek & Pradyun Malviya – 6th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product

Eddy Jiang – 7th Restaurant & Food Service Management

Allie Crawford – 7th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service

Jehan Amrolia – 7th Automotive Services

Ella Edwards – 7th Principles of Finance

Jonas Romine – 8th Financial Literacy

Katie Albertson – 8th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service

Rhylan Stern – 8th Apparel & Accessories Marketing

Jack Graves – 8th Business Services Marketing

Phaelin Jones – 8th  - Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event

Kallyn Torgler & JuJu Mayers – 9th Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service

Ella Woods – 9th Principles of Business Management & Administration

Riley Reynolds – 10th Human Resource Management

BVH also has 3 newly elected State Officers

Eastern Region Vice President – Mason Chidlow

Secretary – Alex Diaz

Reporter – Kate Kozlowski

Way to go Tigers!