Tigers Capture Job Olympics Title

Tigers Job Olympics Championship

BVH congratulates the Tiger students who participated in the 2023 Job Olympics.

Out of 350 competitors, the following Blue Valley Students took home Medals in these categories:
Job Interview:
1st- Nyah Marker
2nd-Chaz Brandner
3rd-Parker Rains 
Job app:
1st-Iris Chambers 
2nd- Sydney Hughey
Making Change:
1st-Hayden Lausten
3rd-Charlie Smith
2nd-Lanie Tjarks
3rd- Hayden Lausten
1st-Harrison Myers 
1st-Chaz Brandner
3rd-Charlie Smith
Bussing Tables:
2nd- Aubrey Mounts
3rd- Harrison Myers
3rd-London Vrooman
Bagging Groceries-
1st-Connor Sloan
Sorting Mail:
1st-Sean Casteel Champion
2nd-Nyah Marker
3rd-Cole Hannasch
Stocking Groceries:
1st- Robert Boyd
2nd-Sean Casteel Champion
3rd-Jace Hudson
Bagging Groceries:
1st- Rylan Benson
3rd-Daniel Bajic
Folding Towels:
1st- Venuja Maddumakumara
Stuffing Envelopes:
3rd-Mikel Dawkins
Way to go Tigers!