Tigers Model UN Shines at KU Conference

BV Model UN Team

BVH congratulates the BVHS Model UN Team for taking home 4 out of 9 awards at KU’s HawkMUN Conference this past Saturday. 

While BVHS had the smallest team by far, the Tigers took home 4 awards, including 2 first places and 2 second places.  

Nauru Committee: 

BEST (1st) – Vanee Pattani

OUTSTANDING (2nd) – Ava Aslinia

Napoleon Committee:

BEST (1st) – Max Bates

USSR Committee:

OUTSTANDING (2nd) – Fabricio (Danny) Amezola

Rameen Zaidi
 and Simirun Kaberwal also received verbal commendations from the HawkMUN staff.

Way to go Tigers!